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Attention Headquarters: We Have  spotted a F.A.B.O.D. (Flying Auxiliary Bunny O' Doom)



Well, another F.A.B.O.D. has come and gone in Randoms HQ--or in the 61% that has been reconstructed. Yeah, we had  sent the brainwashing cockroaches, to apprehend it. Long story short, they returned home dead. It was last seen in Secret Wing X. The reconstruction from it's damage is going well, except for the 3% setback that happened today when we were sorting our salvaged belongings (salvaged from the explosion site) while Amy was recovering a lost pile of teleportation devices and some lead bins that had landed in the yard of Bob the Pizza. I still need to look into that.  If you happen to see the F.A.B.O.D. you are advised to seek shelter under Glorg the Llama tree, for FABOD's are known to be explosively allergic to Glorg. If by some fluke the F.A.B.O.D. is not allergic to Glorg you should run for the hills.


Anyways, since the overthrowing  rogue nano-masses and exchanging presents of living lotions and micro-neuro-surgical tool kits, we have dispached an awesome Christmas present for the F.A.B.O.D. I hope that you get to Glorg in time and have a great day.




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