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Member Requests

Page history last edited by Amy 14 years, 11 months ago

People up for membership:




Should we have membership rules? Like, maybe they need to post on our thread at least ten times. Opinions?

Comments (20)

Rose said

at 10:16 pm on Jun 19, 2008

I think we should add them, but just as writers, nothing higher. Because I like the Randomness Buddies being just us three. It's nice that way.

Travis said

at 10:17 pm on Jun 19, 2008

Yeah, I agree. They can be helpful in our world domination efforts, but we are the originals.*feels honored to be allowed to be an original even though he joined the last*

So we should allow new members, but just as writers, then?

Rose said

at 10:19 pm on Jun 19, 2008

Yeah, I think so. So, go ahead.

And Travis, I don't even think about the fact that you joined last. You just fit in so well. lol.

Travis said

at 10:21 pm on Jun 19, 2008

So, they're invited? Who wants to post that?

Hehe, thanks! :D

Amy said

at 4:17 pm on Jun 20, 2008

So... Should we tell them what parts of the site they shouldn't edit without our permission? I mean, we do have seiniority...no make that skull-crushing authority (seinority makes us sound old!) What do you think?

Travis said

at 5:03 pm on Jun 20, 2008

If you click "Page Security" you can lock a page so only Administrators (us) can edit it! \:D/

Amy said

at 12:09 pm on Jun 21, 2008

I'll do that for song, dictionary, formula, and front page okay?

Amy said

at 12:09 pm on Jun 21, 2008

And mission statement.

Amy said

at 12:10 pm on Jun 21, 2008

Ugh! We have to upgrade to do that!:(

Travis said

at 5:43 pm on Jun 21, 2008

Okay, just as an update, our wiki is now public. So others can see it, but only members can edit.

Jared deWhite said

at 6:28 pm on Jun 21, 2008

Thanks guys I will be random as possible.

Travis said

at 6:32 pm on Jun 21, 2008

As you can see, Jared has joined our lovely wiki. \:D/

He's only a lowly writer though, so we can still crush his skull... just kidding, Jared. ;-) We don't allow skull-crushing here. :noway:

Rose said

at 6:36 pm on Jun 21, 2008

We don't Siv? I might have to debate you on that one. ;)

Amy said

at 6:40 pm on Jun 21, 2008

Me too!
Hey wait, if we crush his skull, he can't argue!:D
But then we'd be breaking our own mission statement...'-'
And then there'd only be two of us...-_-
I will only crush skulls if the scull belongs to Jellyfish!:P

Amy said

at 6:41 pm on Jun 21, 2008

ARE we joing to invite Jellyboy?

Rose said

at 12:46 am on Jun 23, 2008

I wanna crush Jelly's skull too!

And Amy, have you checked the ToO recently? Jellyfish is no longer a boy, apparently.

Amy said

at 8:40 am on Jun 23, 2008

What do you mean? He got rid of the Princess Peach attire.
Besides, he'll always be Jellyboy to me! =)

Amy said

at 8:47 am on Jun 23, 2008

Oh. Why does Jellyboy seem to have an identity ish*?
*Ish- same meaning as issue. NEW WORD!!!!

Travis said

at 9:05 am on Jun 23, 2008

And he says he's smarter than me... :noway:

Rose said

at 12:35 pm on Jun 23, 2008

Of course he's not smarter than you Siv! He's not one of the true randoms is he? ;) The true randoms are the smart ones. lol.

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