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Quirky Quotes

Page history last edited by Amy 15 years, 8 months ago

A page dedicated to any brilliance that has left the fingers and minds of the randoms and friends of the randoms! (And maybe some people with minds controlled by the randoms...)


Amy-"Just call me Miss Hormones 2008 and give me a crown sprayed in pheromones."


Amy-"Name-calling is wrong, dipwad."


BBB, Empress of Words-"MONKEYS AREN'T EVIL! Unless [they're] controlled from an outside source."


Siv, Overlord of All That is Good and Mutated-"Potato beetles are evil!"


Siv-"I can has cheezburger?"


BBB-"Yay! Boys covered in penut butter!

Ew....never mind."


Siv-"*steals words*"

Amy-"You'd better learn to sleep with your eyes open... Dark"

Siv-"Sorry, I meant to say "steels words". I've engraved them in steel for you! *hands shiny steel words to Amethystic to hang on her wall*"


Siv-"So... can I legally use your words now?"

BBB-"Not without asking legal permission!"


Amy-"Okay, BBB and I were thinking about it: Should there be a law against timezone-selective TV commercials? You know, the type that say "Hannah the Star Trek Slayer on at 9:00" then its really on at 2:00 in your timezone? WE WANT YOUR OPINION!!!"


Amy-"We are geeniusez!*

*Just kidding, everyone knows it's spelled jeeniusez!"


Siv-"Maybe you will be confused enough to be under our brainwashing power."

Jared deWhite-"You can't do that [brainwash me]. I don't have a brain for you to brainwash."


Amy-"If the Randoms had saints, Wooton would be the Virgin Mary!"


Jellyfish11-"You guys are so random it's not even funny. No way

*wonders if it's possible to bre so random it's not funny*



^ See? Not funny."


Amy-"Hmmmm [yellow cheese puffs and Jellyfish cause] controversy."


Siv-"Well, I was thinking we could have a wiki like Wikipedia. But smaller. And we could keep our Dictionary, song, etc. updated there...And any of us can edit the dictionary, song, etc. and add and edit. This might make our world domination plans stronger!"


BBB-"We should add a quote page on the wiki for quotes by the Randoms!"

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