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The Brain Spills of Amy (Warning, may be toxic)

Page history last edited by Amy 13 years, 4 months ago

I am Amy, Queen of Random. I poked a hole in my head and now my thoughts are spilling out onto my keyboard. Hope you don't suffer any severe radiation symptoms! ;)


December 15, 2010

Wow, it's almost been two years since I last posted here. XD My, how time flies. (And that makes me sound old...) So now I feel like adding to this, since it's been so long and I can look back at all of this and smile/laugh/frown/sigh/giggle. Let's see... since December of '08 I have:


-Won NaNoWriMo two more times

-Become (good) friends with Leela, Aeva, Fwa, 31899, Shen, and many others

-Been converted to the dark side--er--I mean, homeschooled

-Become frustratingly addicted to fanfiction/the internet in general

-Turned into a Maximum Ride fanatic (and celebrated the release of two new MR books)

-Became a fan of a zillion other books too

-Kicked that old crush (mostly) only to have it replaced with a more frustrating one :/

-Was great friends with Launa until an unfortunate series of events (not related to the book series) ended in her moving to Montana for the next two years

-Been extremely happy and content

-Been extremely hurt and frustrated with my life

-Started referring to myself as 'Amy' when I'm muttering to myself

-Written well over 100,000 words' worth of fanfiction

-Realized that 'BS' is already an acronym for something and shouldn't be used to reference an inside joke (see poem several entries down)

-Had my 15th birthday forgotten by all my friends because I didn't have the date posted online so nobody got notifications ( :P )

-Been relentlessly stalked by a boy

-Become a fan of Owl City, FF5, House of Heroes, and a bunch of other great bands <3

-Learned CPR

-Fell in love with at least five fictional boys--two who are my own characters

-Screamed, "CORN ZOMBIES!!!" while I was at the corn maze

-Watched Phantom of the Opera, and the Back to the Future trilogy (my favorite movies ever!)

-Traveled outside of Canada--Mexico and Disneyland!!!

-Got a really bad sunburn for the first time ever (though surprisingly, not from the vacation--I wore a sleeveless shirt while mowing the lawn XP)


Overall, it's been pretty good. *nods* I wonder what will have changed the next time I look at this page...


December 26/08


Christmas! Whee! Hyper.


Ripley's! Ember! Guide! Turkey.


Yay! Pillow chair! Tired.


October 26/08


Busy, busy! :P


I saw HSM3 yesterday! We had wanted to see The City of Ember, but 'twas good too! :)


I finally paid off my laptop! It is now MINE! >:D


*yawns* I'm tired... [:0


I'm stage manager for the play I'm doing in my drama group! \:D/


Thought: If I wrote a spy book, would I be allowed to pose for the cover? Could Launa pose too? And would I dedicate it to Launa and my Random ToO friends? Yeah, probably. :D


October 11/08


I've been soooooooooo busy lately. :\


I saw the Body Worlds display at long last! \:D/


I have a new buddy named Launa who isn't scared of me! :D


I can't seem to kick this crush of mine no matter how much I try to ignore it! :(


August 9/08


I finished writing a story today. It is about a futuristic world where cyborgs have just been declared legal persons.


I wish I could go to the AIO Birthday Bash, but I can't. :'( Oh well, maybe I'll throw a party! Oh wait... all of my friends here hate AIO. Too bad.


Maybe I'll just work on my Random Table of Elements.


Or edit my story.


Or eat caramel-flavored rice cakes.


Or a peanut butter honey bannana dog.


Maybe I'll just... read my books.




Has anybunny besides me ever read the teen novel "Uglies"?


It's awesomistical!


And there's no swearing!


And the story is good!


And I think I used too many spaces in between my sentences!


August 2/08


I added a special chorus round and a bridge to my song below. I thought I needed to add a bit more. If it is so awful that it makes you hurl on your keyboard, I apologize. Get some anti-nausea medication.


I realized something. If you take the three letters from the beginnings of our Random Ruler names (S,B,A) and put them in alphabetical order, you get ABS. Hmmm... maybe it's a sign I need to exercise more often... *checks for stomach flab*


August 1/08


I just have to do this. No one will get it except for BBB, but I just HAVE TO!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Here's a song dedicated to BBB:



There's no excuse

It's wrong but true


BBB I did it all for you


The BS was annoying and an airhead

BBB was jealous as can be

So I knew that I must do something

And so I lit a match

And so now all the rest is history



There's no excuse

It's wrong but true


BBB I did it all for you


The BS was there standing in her white dress

Looking really pretty and real sweet

And then I took a match

And held it to her sash

And soon she was flaming head to feet



There's no excuse

It's wrong but true


BBB I did it all for you


When S found out S had a little hissy

S really tried to put the fire out

But the whole place was in flames

S barely did escape

So all S could do was run around and shout:


Amy BBSed

There's no excuse

It's wrong but true

Amy BBSed

BBB she did it all for you

I hoped you are avenged now

'Cause its true

BBB she did it all for you


I know that S will try to catch me, and try to lock me up today, but the ceasing of BBB's sorrow, made it good anyway

I know that S loved BS, but BS was all wrong, BS wanted S's power, and so I sing this song



There's no excuse

It's wrong but true


BBB I did it all for you



There's no excuse

It's wrong but true


BBB I did it all for you

BBB I did it all for you

BBB I did it all for you



July 30/08


I can be serious and I can be Random


serious poem:


Flowing water cascades down

The waterfall

And laps up at my feet

I watch the sky

Alone am I

By the pool beside the waterfall

I am not lonely

I am peaceful

Waiting for someone

I don't know who

But I'm waiting

Still waiting

By the pool beside the waterfall


Random poem:


Yellow fuzzy bunny-turtles flying in the sky

Flapping, chasing dopplegangers

Eating pumpkin pie

Their evil twins all flutz away

Panicking like fish

Who'seaten way too many fries

And now can't grant a wish

The bunny-turtles in pursuit

Are going to grab them now

They scare the twins

And in mid-day they crash into a cow


July 28/08


Hi hi!

Amy here.

BBB told me to just start typing.





I am going into eighth grade...

And I am exited...

I hope I make student council...

I hope I get an overall average of 90...

I hope I make new friends...

I hope I have a good year...

I hope I can write a book before I'm 18...

I hope I will one day I will rule the world...

I hope my crush falls in love with me...

I hope God can use me to do great things...

I hope I will have the Randoms forever!

Comments (5)

Rose said

at 10:18 pm on Aug 2, 2008

AHHH!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

Amy said

at 10:21 pm on Aug 2, 2008

Good! I thought you would! :]
And poor Sivvy doesn't know what we're talking about. |:)
Hee Hee Hee... >:D

Rose said

at 9:00 pm on Aug 3, 2008

Haha. Just as it should be! :D

31899 said

at 3:47 pm on Dec 15, 2010

Amelia it is the 15th...

Amy said

at 4:02 pm on Dec 15, 2010

Oh snap, thanks. :P I'll fix that.

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