The Underground

Greetings and salutations.  This page is designed to be the worksite of the Underground.



1. This group is comprised of mainly Randoms but is open to all users of the Town of Odyssey, pending admittance into the group.

2. The Underground does not seek to overthrow any established authority or elected government of the Town of Odyssey.  We seek to support them and "turn the tables," (to borrow the colloquialism) on any who do seek to cause damage to the established infrastructure of the Town.

3. Easy but subtle identification of a user shall be as follows:

The last alphanumeric character in the signature line of an Undergrounder shall have a link to this page:

For example, "Huzzah and Wooton."  The n in that phrase of KODY 105's signature at the time of this writing shall have a link to}

4.The admittance of any new Undergrounder must be approved of by the founder, KODY 105, and at least 75% of the rest of the current membership of the Underground.

5. Membership in the Underground shall not be forced on anyone.  Users are free to join and leave at will.

6. Undergrounders are required to be subtle about their membership.  We are a hidden group that seeks to help the legitimate administration.  We do not need to go around proclaiming this group's existence or brag about its accomplishments.  We are the Underground, not the police force.


I now introduce to you the Undergrounds list of suspicious people.

Add suspicious people here.


Please sign log in and sign your username on the ToO below if you wish to be a part of this group.

KODY 105


Invisible Ninja 


Ben Linus